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August 3, 2010

Hello Friends and Family!

So it’s been over three weeks that we’ve been here in the Shenandoah Valley, and are just beginning to start a home on the little Rudy Farm here in Edinburg. Without internet, we’ve been slow in getting any kind of blog up. But I hope to commit to blogging regularly, at least with photographs, from our adventures on the farm and in life. Many of you know I’m a terrible blogger, so it will be with extra special love and discipline that I will attempt this project! Expect mostly photographs! Now, for some visual introductions…



Here is one of the firstfruits from Jason's garden--at least the first thing I pulled up from the ground to munch on the evening we arrived, Wednesday July 7th. Unfortunately, the intense heat and lack of rain makes a bitter bitter radish! Has a bite the likes of wasabi!

Here Jason is watering his much starved rows as if he were growing rice! (I think he was growing onions here, but they've all dried up). This garden out behind the house we're living in didn't do so well in the time Jason was away "fetching me" from the "city", as they say. Just a few rows of radishes, four German tomato plants, which are STILL green on the vine, a cherry tomato and cucumber plant. The Mill Creek garden is doing much better...Will introduce you to Mill Creek shortly!

Welcome home to the Rudy Farm, the evening we arrived. This is the farm house Jason's grandmother, Barbara Rudy Bowman, was born and raised in. It's a beautiful, quaint, simple mid-1800's farm house that has settled into the lay of the land. There's about 40 acres of pasture and a bit of woods behind the house that we plan to make good use of in the near future. Currently, it's grazing land for 6 retired llamas, who you must get to know!

The front steps in front of our house that used to lead to the little dirt road of South Middle

Here we are at 12846 South Middle Road, Edinburg, VA. But if you want our mailing address, it's in "town"--PO Box 239 Mt. Jackson, VA 22842.

Self Portrait, arriving on the Rudy Farm the evening of July 7, 2010

Not only did Jason begin a little garden for us, but we have the luxury of a beautiful blackberry bush! To my delight, this is what I discovered on our first evening. They have sense ripened bountifully! It's blackberry jam, blackberry pie, blackberry syrup and blackberry breakfast for us!

Of course, we have to have numerous little future "projects" lined up already! These are two chair frames we brought back from NYC that belonged to Raymond's mom in Harlem. We hope to revive them with new life here in the country, after Jason amputated them to bring them home!

Jewells waking up after a long drive from NYC. She's here for a few days to help strip wallpaper, paint, clean floors, and unpack boxes. What would I do without a sister, a pie-makin', garden-lovin', creative-minded, make-your-belly-hurt-with-laughter sister?

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