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Coming Soon (I promise!)

September 9, 2010

Friends and family, I have done a terrible job of posting, but I have great news! As of late last week, WE HAVE INTERNET AT HOME!! Whoohooo! So I look forward to catching up with the following. These are the current posts I am editing photos for. Check back shortly, there’s something for everyone! Want to can tomatoes at home? Want to know what a county fair is like if you didn’t grow up with one? Want to learn about the mysterious flower whose blossom blooms once during the night and then dies? I thought you would!

Coming Soon:

-Canning Tomatoes, Step-by-step with Becky Bowman

-County Fairs: A Visual Essay

-Bromance on the Farm (or friends in from New York…)

-How many hours does it take to shuck a truck bed of green beans? And other stories from the garden…

-Janet Monroe, master gardener, Katharine Hepburn of the farm, friend: A portrait

-What have we been eating as the season winds down?

-The mysterious night-blooming flower

-Jason’s Dodge Powerwagon Truck Rebuild…the birth of a dream project

-How we are surviving without Shake Shack: The Secret Butcher Burger

Much love to you all!

xoxo, Harrigan

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