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Wile, you are 4 months old today!

September 9, 2010

Wile and Jason at Mill Creek

Wile and Jason in the Jetta

The Boys at Bowman Brothers

Raising Wile Easterly for the past month has been such a joy. He was well worth the six-year wait! And boy are we glad now that we never caved in and thought of getting a Border Collie in the city! Man, this little guy has a need for being around animals (today he closed in a little too close to a chicken–Jason had to rescue the poor thing from inside Wile’s mouth!) It’s been amazing, too, to have to communicate with each other over how we raise him, and it’s nice to see how consistent and firm yet patient Jason is with him.

And Beacon, we have not forgotten about you! You are still our faithful companion. You are still our guard cat. You are still our little foot heater on cold nights. And you are still beautiful. Thank you for being patient with Wile!

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