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Bromance on the farm…and other friends from New York

September 14, 2010

We have been blessed to have a wonderful influx of friends and family visit us already on farm, including Jewells who, like the faithful sister she is, marched herself down to Virginia after my first few days of settling in and promptly put herself to work, painting, sanding, peeling wall paper, envisioning funky chalkboard paint in the kitchen (thanks to her creative vision, we do have a funky chalkboard wall!)–she was the drill sergent I needed to transform the Rudy farm to a tasteful living space so that I could quickly get back to work on my dissertation.

Jewells, after finishing the teal grey pantry, our second attempt at the perfect blue

Following Jewells by a day was Dan and Karina Glaser, and of course their girls Kaela and Lina, my goddaughter, who were exactly what we needed to make us feel like this was our home and we could joyously host. The girls also brought a life to the house and the move that helped me to envision a future with children here.

The underwater world of Kaela and Karina (and some pink, white and turquoise crakers)

Kaela sweeping the kitchen while Karina finishes up the underwater world

The Glaser Family at Shenandoah Caverns, VA

Following the Glasers came our good friend and 314 W 115th St neighbor and Community Meal partner, Kathy Colaccetchi, who brought with her another necessary weapon–forced accountability on the amount of writing I’ve been doing! Each day she’d make sure I worked solid for a few hours writing in the morning, then we’d spend the afternoon exploring a local farmer’s market or learning to can tomatoes.

Kathy and Becky Bowman Canning Tomatoes

And finally, our wonderful Brooklynite friends Dan and Annika joined us for a packed Labor Day weekend, and with it, a little bromance (see photo essay below)! We went to the Shenandoah Valley Music Festival at the historic Orkney Springs, where we dined on our picnic of a wheatberry chicken and squash salad, cantaloupe, boiled eggs, dried fruit and wine under the open sky and discovered the bluegrass band the Cherryholmes – a family of 6! Can you imagine playing in a band with your 3 siblings and your parents? All I can say is…wow.

Dan and Jason at the Shenandoah Valley Music Festival, Orkney Springs, VA

Jason and Dan at the Little Grill, Harrisonburg, VA..."Oh Dan!"

"What! What did I say?"

"Well alright then boys..."

After-brunch treat: local and homemade Klines Dairy Bar (the girls were too full)

Bonding over food...isn't that always the way?

Milkshake Brotherhood

Conversing over Dinner

"Who has but once dined his friends, has tasted what it is to be Caesar." Herman Mellville, 'Moby Dick' (1851)

Dan and Annika stealing an afternoon embrace

Annika enjoying a slow-paced coffee at the Little Grill

It was great to have Annika, who is an interior designer, around to bounce ideas off of for our current little abode and our future dream project! It’s such a blessing to have so many artistic and creative friends, all of you! How many designers, artists and visionaries as friends and family can one girl have?

SO…all to say, come on down to the farm! Good food, good friends, lots of local events! Consider us your country home.

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