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Three generations of Bowman

September 15, 2010

Currently, the men are out picking corn (it’s dark, so I’m guessing he’ll role in sooner than later! Who can move wagons of corn in the dark?) A couple of weeks back, between picking barley, the Bowman boys, all four of them (Papaw or Dick Bowman, Dad or Philip Bowman, Jason and his brother Jacob) were out working on fence behind our house.

Jason and his brother Jacob tearing down the old fence along South Middle Road

Dick Bowman overseeing the operation (and doing more than his fair share for a man in his 80s!)

Papaw's old trusty hat, always good for protecting the top of the head from the sun

Philip running the tractor to bring the trees out into the field

Dick Bowman's daily uniform - even on Sundays (after church, of course!)

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  1. September 15, 2010 9:58 pm

    I love the hat. Just like my grandma’s…

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