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Fare Thee Well, Sweet Friend (until December…)

October 18, 2010

I write this post as a farewell for a few weeks, as I enter the grueling moments of writing and editing the last leg of my dissertation, as I am set to defend November 22nd, 2010…

And somehow, even though I have fallen off the face of the earth for all intents and purposes…

Jason continues to “work ground,” as they say



Bailing Fodder, or shells of the corn stalks




Corn Stalk Shells in the Miller Field




The Llamas continue to do they’ thang….



Darling and Coco


Two months of Bon Appetit and Saveur sit unstained on my kitchen table with articles on fall recipes that I’m dying to try… While instead I continue to make one-pot classics from an old repetoire…or I just don’t cook at all…(I think Jason is seriously looking forward to the end of this dissertation!)

Of course everything looks prettier with mums, parsley and green onions!


Chicken Curry One-Pot Meal

Chicken Curry One-Pot Meal




Shepard's Pie with Sausage, Arugula and Turnips One-Pot Meal


My two new cookbooks sit idle on my shelf…

Lidia’s Italian-American Kitchen (Thanks mom! Awesome yard sale snag! I knew I got my shopping skills from someone in the fam!)

The Dumpling: A Seasonal Guide (impulse half-off purchase from the Tenement Museum Shop–my favorite gift shop in the city!)

Grandma’s china sits unpacked and waits patiently to be used and treasured…

Wile continues to require excessive romps in the open field…that I am less and less able to give him…


Our five free range rescue chickens continue to roam (and poop all over the yard…)


Apples flood the orchards, our chicken house gets closer to completion (do I see dainty little rainbow-colored eggs from Chilean native Araucanas in our future???), that baby continues to grow inside Carly’s belly, friends prepare for the New York City Marathon (GO Irene and Annika!), and the winter approaches…

I continue to subsist on snacks and tea…well, primarily tea…4, 5, 6, 7 a day? (thank God for stocking my stash TWICE before I moved from the Harney and Sons store in Millerton, New York!)



Dissertation Snack Tray: a Stayman apple, Assam tea, Yada Yada nuts (aka, wasabi peas from California), apple cider from the Orchard, and crackers and cheese, of course!


And primarily, amidst all of this activity, I AM SHACKLED TO MY DESK pondering away my analysis of interviews with art professors. Hooray. Can you say permanent shoulder ache?


My Momentary Prison


But alas, it’s the home stretch, here I come! And I am encouraged by my personal hero-friends that have completed such incredible dissertations…

Troy, do you really have your PhD from Princeton in Electrical Engineering? I can’t say your title…but I know it has to do with molecular-scale organic nonvolatile memory devices (for all you scientists out there)…Vaness, how in the world did you  conduct all of your research on the relationship between social identity and political tendencies while either being pregnant, raising a little girl, being pregnant again, and now having a second infant? Anika, I’m amazed that you already completed your PhD in Physics at Stamford on gold bowtie nanoantennas and how they could be used to enhanced the fluorescence from single molecules so soon after leaving me roommate-less for the second semester of our senior year! (man I missed you!) Ezer, with your PhD in Clinical Psychology and research on living with HIV/Aids I am beyond inspired (especially as you seem to merge research traditions that I’m really interested in–questions I’ve never asked you…), Ron, how did you ever tackle “Do We Sin Because We Are Sinners or Are We Sinners Because We Sin?: Neuroscience, Nolition and the Kenotic Doctrine of Moral Cognition” in your PhD all the while teaching at Project Timothy and the Academy of Christian Thought and serving as our spiritual mentor?

The list goes on…of truly inspiring and amazing people (if I’m forgetting your amazing dissertation, it’s because I’m a half-wit right now!), who have all proven that you can survive, indeed have a marriage, a family, a life…and survive! Well, I will remember you (although I will not remember the topics of your dissertations, because there’s not enough room in my tiny little mind at the moment)…as I pluck away, wearing my keypad to the bone…

Beyond these very inspiring feats of research, I want to thank each and every one of you that have been a part of this with me. I am reminded of the part that each of you have played in my own growth, support, network, friendship, family and fellowship. Thank you, Jason, for sporting the idea of this degree and supporting me through every last inch of it. Thank you so many of you for reading iterations of ideas and chapters. Thank you Jewells for serving as my sole editor and really pushing me over this last hump. As you always tell me, “I owe you my first-born child…” Thank you all!  I would not be here without the network of all of you in my life! Fare thee well…until December!


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  1. Jan K permalink
    October 18, 2010 9:50 pm

    Go, Harrigan! You will feel soooo free when you’re all done.

  2. Jewells permalink
    October 30, 2010 10:06 pm

    you can keeps your little blond bomwan bumpkin…i guess this sets us back to even, and i get to keep my firstborn!! was just checking in to see if you’ve been posting in this chaos. Love the field-jumping Wyle!

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