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Working Cattle

January 6, 2011

Each morning, after he rolls out of bed before the sun has risen, and after walking Wile, Jason rumbles his truck down South Middle Road to the heart of Spring Hollow Farm where he dutifully “checks” the cattle. During this season, this entails driving through a bumpy field (bumpy, might I add, with frozen cow patties) out to where the cattle, with their newly-birthed calves are. He drives through to check on any mothers who just gave birth, to make sure calves are nursing, walking strong, getting around. He checks on their water and rolls out round bales of hay for them, where they often promptly bed themselves rather than enjoying the deliciousness and nutrition of dried summer grass. Like clockwork, at 12 when he leaves Bowman Brothers for lunch, he drives down to “check” again, and at 5pm, he feeds his second set of cattle, all about 9 months old, bails of hay and feed he has ground up for them. Jason definitely has a special place in his heart for these cattle!



9 Month Old Calves



Feeding ground feed in the evening


Working cattle in the afternoon

Farmhand waiting in the truck

If you look closely, you see that Jason is doing the YMCA with the cow...

YMCA pose 2

YMCA pose 3...he's scared the cow away! No really, he was trying to get the cow back into the correct pen with her baby...

Mamma nursing in the field. Isn't it amazing that these creatures can give birth in the dead of winter, even in the snow, and the baby is up and walking, even running around that day?

Cattle Horizon

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