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The Adventures of the Chicklets Continue…

February 12, 2011

In New York City, there is a baby Byrd (our friends and former housemates’ little girl, of course!), and in Edinburg, there are 25 baby Birds! As of today, we have 25 healthy, thriving birds, 21 of which are 13 days old and 4 of which are 7 days old. And how amazingly they grow in such a short time!

Little B. wises up, for her own good (and the good of the flock).

I know many of you have eagerly awaited word on Little B. Great news to report! Unlike the her human counterparts, Little B. overcame her stubbornness and desire to cause harm to others after four days of sleeping alone at night and spending her days with Wile. Now, amongst our birds we have a pretty peck-less crew—at least for the time being! Wile spent his first day without Little B. pining away. Now, he is alert and ready to love the whole flock!

We have four new little ones that joined our brood last Monday, with a tiny little fighter in the group. She was half the size of her three other sisters, and had a hard first few days, but by day four she was walking and even began racing around a bit! We are still contemplating her name…feel free to submit ideas!

Amelia, the first in flight

In the meantime, we have one little birdie, Amelia, who is determined to be the first in flight! She spends her afternoons flapping her wings and trying to jump to the edge of the cardboard, causing endless delight for Wile.


Wile Bird Watching

Bird Dog Wile

Bird City Part II

Baby Chicks are an endless source of delight. Always squawking and peeping away, fluttering about, fighting over one more interesting piece of pine shaving than the other 7,000 pieces of pine shavings that cover their floor. They dash about, then collapse quietly into sleep. Some of them are loners, exploring the very edges of their cardboard city, others stay side by side. So far, the girls have lived in three cardboard cities. Here in the photographs is their second–the walls get higher and higher as they jump up and up! It’s amazing what they learn from watching each other in action, and what I learn in watching them! (notice our little chair that sits in front of Jason’s grand design)…

Here are a few portraits of our girls…

Brown Beauty

Falling asleep in the sun

Egyptian Fayoumis Baby Girl

Egyptian Fayoumis Baby Girl

Perching in the Window

Three Birds in a Window



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