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The Pursuit of Beacon

May 27, 2011

Recently, we’ve been letting our indoor city cat Beacon (hailing originally from the smallish town of Beacon, NY) explore the great outdoors. He’s been asking, even begging for it since we moved. So slowly over the past two months, we’ve been letting him go outside. If ever we can’t find him, we ask, “Wile, where’s Beacon?” And Wile is off, in a valiant effort to find his feline companion.

Today, Beacon went out, only to face the supreme irritant of any cat – to be followed around, to be denied the lone independence that is cathood. But this time not by Wile…

Beacon heading out to explore Wile's pen, where we essentially made hay for the chickens out of such tall grass

Beacon fleeing his pursuer...notice Wile watching in the background, making sure his chicken is safe.

A momentary standoff, where the Hen clucks curiously as she considers what this creature might be that she is so intrigued with

She draws nearer, and Beacon betrays his interest in her to the camera

Beacon is off!!! And so is the hen!

Beacon makes a mad dash for the security and privacy of the tall grass!

Off Beacon goes, with Wile running in from the other side of the grass. What a chase! The hen finally gave up and headed back to her henhouse, where Spavaldo raced out to greet (or scold?) her and ushered her back with the rest of the flock. Spavaldo's not going to make it too long in a house of hens if he thinks he can tell them all what to do!

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  1. May 27, 2011 8:18 pm

    yeah, clap – clap another farmhouse tale or shall I say tail?

    Nice cat.

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