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August 5, 2011

I have missed you so.


Almost daily now, I listen to Florence and the Machine, and I keep believing her that the dog days are truly over…but alas, they smolder on.

It has been a hot summer here, as I’m sure it’s been for you. Some days it feels as if our blood will boil (I’m sure you assume correctly that a mid-nineteenth century farmhouse is not equipped with central air, a fact at which I scoff on the hottest of evenings). Some days it feels as if spring never really happened, as if berries didn’t ripen on the bushes, as if dew didn’t form each morning. Now we are trapped in the season of dried up blackberry bushes and yellow grass–is this Arizona, or Virginia? Where is the Ireland-like lushness of the Valley?

Some days I forget that it’s been almost two months since I’ve written, but most days I don’t forget. I think of you, and all the life we have to share with you. So I return. There is much to share that has happened around the Rudy Farm. I will start with today and work backwards.


It is my sister’s birthday. My Bella Sorrella, as we say. Happy Birthday, Jewells. You are fierce. You are strong. You are resilient. You are passionate. You are beautiful. And you are ever bounding upwards, bringing laughter and joy and vision with you. Press on, dear girl–it inspires us.


Subway Sister

Sister travels in Mumbai

For you, we baked a chocolate zucchini cake, and Marta sang "Happy Birthday" in Portuguese


As you may well know, we have a summer house guest. Marta Cabral arrive in early June and is staying with us through the end of August, working on writing her dissertation. Marta is many many things. She is a singer, a guitar player, a crazy-cat tamer (ahem, Jewells), a preschool teacher extraordinaire, a researcher, a storyteller magnifique, an artist, and well, most importantly to Jason, our chicken manager. She faithfully stewards our feedings and collection of eggs each day, as well as rotating which house of chickens has free range of the front lawn to poop on at any given time. Let me introduce you, if you don’t already know her.

Marta, our chicken manager, in-house dissertation writer, and friend

And the final news of the day is that Jason and Wile are in the catalogue of an exhibition put on by SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco called Man as Object–Reversing the Gaze. You may know the photograph already, as it was posted on the blog last summer. The photo will be included in the catalogue that will accompany the exhibition. A description from the catalogue:


The goal of this exhibition Man as Object – Reversing the Gaze is to turn the tables and to exhibit works that put the male in the position of art subject and spectacle. What does it mean to objectify men?  What does it mean to reverse the (male) gaze? […] Not only will the male figure be taking on the historically “female” or passive role as object of the gaze, but the surveyor is now positioned as active  and critical of traditional gender roles, thus creating a truly feminist stance. The male body and its gender expression become spectacle for a woman’s viewing and contemplation.

Putting my husband (and pup) up for the gazing grab of other women, feminism, and art history…priceless.

Man as Object–Reversing the Gaze

Until another day soon, xoxo.

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