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Chocolate Zucchini Cake (for the butcher and his wife)

August 9, 2011

If you have visited the farm, you know that we are just moments down the road from a fabulous little butcher shop. In an effort to know my neighbors, I often stay a while and talk to one of the many butchers working that day (I might add, and you might be glad to hear, that there are as many women as men who practice their craft here). About two weeks ago, a lightbulb went on…why don’t we sell our little blue and white and brown eggs at the butcher shop? They sell bacon, they sell deli cheese, they even sell bread, but they do not yet sell eggs–had I discovered the missing link?

Apparently the light came on at exactly the right time. Mr. Gore himself of Gore’s Meat Market happened to be in on my day off work (he is not always at this location). I pitched my idea, and he was in! So we are approaching one week of selling eggs. We have only sold a few dozen thus far, but who knows what tomorrow holds! In an effort to thank the butcher (and his wife, who apparently thought the eggs were a great idea), I thought it only proper to thank them with the exact thing that brings us together: food. Cake, to be exact.

Chocolate Zucchini Cake (for the butcher and his wife)


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  1. August 10, 2011 7:13 am

    Hara, Your writing is so descriptive, I thought I was watching you discuss business with the owner of the butcher shop. Congrats on your new venture. My best to Jason. Gram

  2. Aaron permalink
    August 10, 2011 2:47 pm

    Very cool. You got a market. And its about as local as you can get. Brilliant!

  3. Jewells permalink
    August 10, 2011 3:03 pm

    You gave my birthday cake to the butcher and his wife. Here i am in stinky brooklyn with a sinus infection, and the butcher and his wife are eating my birthday cake!

    By the way — the dog dayziano are so OVER! it’s my theme song.

    • August 10, 2011 3:06 pm

      No, I’ll have you know we made two minis. We ate yours ourselves, hot out of the oven, with melted chunks of chocolate. Too bad you couldn’t join us for your cake. Next time you’ll have to come.

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