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Photo of the Day: Porch Pumpkins

October 15, 2011

Last weekend, my sister Jewells and friends from Para Coffee in Charlottesville, Jonny and Charlotte, came to town. In celebration of the fall, we carved these pumpkins. Can you tell which one won the master ‘stash award? (Jewells’) And which one is inspired by Rasputin? (Jonny’s)…

Although this image above takes the cake for image of the day, below is a photo essay of carving weekend–and yes, the first image tells you to pick your own pumpkins and put the money in the cracked-open window of a Bronco… The Farmer, Mr. Bowman, is often missing from the images because he was, well, planting barley. And a note on the kinds of friends to have…if you love coffee (or love learning about new things), invite your coffee-aficionado friends to spend the night. You will wake the next morning to the smells and sounds of grinding goodness. Coffee people are good people to have. Thanks, Jonny! And a final note…oysters are a great pairing to pumpkin-carving!

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