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Virginia Vineyards

October 16, 2011

Virginia Vineyards are popping up all over the place. I wouldn’t necessarily say that Virginia is the next Argentinian Mendoza or Chilean Maipo Valley…yet…but it’s definitely carving out a culture all its own. Apparently, there are over 18o vineyards in the State! In fact, in her new book Wanderlust Wining, travel writer Stefani Jackenthal names Virginia wines among the “10 Best Wine Regions You’ve Never Heard Of.” One of these ten was actually the Shenandoah Valley. Yep, that’s right folks, right here in our backyard. So in honor of such unknown fame and in an effort to support the local budding wine culture, my wino girlfriends and I took a trek out to Cave Ridge Vineyard for their second annual Taste of Shenandoah,  just a stone’s throw over the hill from us in Connicville. Our (insert a more imaginative superlative adjective for amazing than amazing here) friends Carly and Ashley, and their daughter Hiwa were in town from NYC, along with Carly’s parents and aunt who were visiting from Hawaii. Vineyards are apparently great places to spend afternoons being nowhere but there, being present, laughing, living, being, watching leaves fall to the ground in celebration of nothing at all. Live music helps. And food. And fresh cheese. And dogs. Learning more about wines and how the local soil affects them (envision a “minerally” wine) is also, well, great too.


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