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Photograph of the Day

February 7, 2012

I like how this title deceptively alludes to some kind of previous activity, a committed seriality. It has such a serious tone to it, such as, “Today, There Will Be A Photo.” Clearly this is not the case, since I neither post one photograph a day nor do I purport to be a blog of such category. Yet, despite these contrary facts, I will post a first Photograph of the Day. Jewells, in Evora, Portugal, in a little park early in the morning. Doing one of her favorite things–jumping. Such a simple thing, to jump. But a beautiful thing. Maybe we should all try that today (a bench and sunlight are helpful props to the joyful, private sensation, which may, in your case, be quite public depending on where you live. Me, I will have only the llamas as audience).

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