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Chicken Salad at Noon

April 2, 2012

The other day Jason came in for lunch and asked, in a buttery-sweet tone of jest, “what’s for lunch, little lady?” With equal witticism, I responded, “chicken salad!” Apparently, my inflection of a lie did not betray itself, as his eyes nearly fell out of his head at the colossal bowl below me that I mischieviously shoved a spoon into and with a whip of the wrist performed a convincing stir. “You know, I’ve found that egg shells are good for us! And these wilted dandelion greens are still edible, why go pick fresh ones? And this mint-parsley tapenade is only about a month old, that’s not bad, right? And coffee grinds add the right consistency of meaty grit…and…” A smile spread across his face like wildfire as he looked down at our actual salad (bottom right), arugula with goat cheese, avocado, cucumber, cracked pepper and truffle oil. Too bad it wasn’t April Fool’s. I really got that farmer! Except I wasn’t actually lying, it was chicken salad…clean-out-the-refrigerator-day salad for the chickens, prepared at the serendipitous moment of a farmer’s lunchtime: Noon.

ps-email me for the Chicken Salad recipe–it’s an original! xoxo

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