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Magellan the Bird

June 23, 2012

There are many good reasons why one might not post on a blog. In fact, there are an endless cadre of possible things you could be doing other than posting on (or reading) a blog (in addition to the normal gammet of things like work, commuting, cleaning, etc.). Like playing with children. Reading with them. Laughing at their hilariously dead-on observations about the world around them. Celebrating their ceaselessly inquiring minds. Or you could be hunting eggs in hidden nests across the farm. I know I do. Or lazily spending an afternoon at a coffee shop with friends in New York City. Or sitting under the summer stars with friends grilling burgers. Or running from thrift store to flea market to Walmart with your Scandanavian friend who is in town (because, you know, Walmart is a cultural occasion for those of us not from America…it’s like a great museum of oddities and stupidities…how I love it through Nina’s eyes). These are all great reasons, all of which I have heartily parktaken of over the past month. (I’m sure you have your own for not writing on your blog or not reading all the blogs you love so…)


In the face of non-blog posting and non-blog reading, I have ONE thing to share with you, so desperately that I will skip over the other thirteen posts I have post-poned! Magellan. Magellan, our great traveling bird. New chicks did arrive the Monday after Easter, and my how they’ve grown (doubling our flock!). Well, the hatchery that they were sent from has a little box on the order form that say “Check here if you would like your one free exotic chick.” So we of course checked “Yes, please!” On the invoice you receive for your little peeping babies in a box, it also reads “One free exotic bird.” No name. No gender. Just two adjectives: free and exotic.

Magellan is her name, this unknown creature that she is! And she promptly procured this name by one day being discovered by Jason all the way at the bottom of a field all by her lonesome where he was cutting thistle. Jason noticed Wile excitedly circling something in the grass. He walked over to inquire, and there was our “free, exotic” bird, feathers in her face, just staring at Wile. Jason continued cutting thistle till dark, and Wile lovingly watched over Magellan until Jason came and picked her up and carried her home to her flock. And from then on, Jason called her Magellan, as we have never had a bird travel that far alone in the field. And quite a traveler she is! Usually in all the wrong places because she just plain can’t see with that plumage of a hat on her head! Jason has taken a special liking to this little exotic one (who wouldn’t?), and here she is for your viewing pleasure. Magellan and her Farmer.

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  1. June 25, 2012 3:02 pm

    Oh man, I seriously want a bird like Magellan! I am definitely going to check that “Free and Exotic” bird box when I get my flock of chicks.

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