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October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday dear friend, you know who you are. You are a woman of strength and grace, a woman whom I have long admired, since I first met you as a young girl, when I was fresh to New York City, applying for my first job there in an after-school program in Harlem. Your life, your choices, your ability to juggle so much and still examine the world around you with crisp, clean eyes continues to inspire me. The world you have inhabited, near and far, lives in you at all times, beautifully so. Your efforts at career, womanhood, motherhood and sisterhood give me hope. I pray that this year be rolling hills of intermittent adventure and rest, with moments of critical contemplation and ludicrous laughter in between. I pray that the woman you were in your young twenties and the woman you are in your young thirties inform the women you will continually be, with the same energy, spunk, criticality, care and gentleness, and that your children will grow to know the beauty and complexity and depth and accomplishment and humor of their mother. Thank you for being my friend. xoxo


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