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Photographs of an Immeasurable Season: 5 Months Pregnant

November 19, 2012

In some ways, such a measurable thing, pregnancy, proves itself immeasurable. The weeks count down, rush by, maybe like any other week or any other day that often seems to slip smoothly through our grasp. The body changes, expands, allows, makes room for, and the pants must with it! There are “milestones” like in the rest of our lives, even though we spend much of adulthood not counting any more, for fear of how fast indeed we will see it rush by. But somehow, even though we are just over 23 weeks pregnant, it mostly feels like an immeasurable experience, one that halts time, as your body becomes (as lacking as all the metaphors are, due to either familiarity or over-use) an incubator for life, a bed of growth for another. The gentle kicks and flutters remind you that yes, indeed, someone else is there, and she needs her space in the world. Such a thing is immeasurable, with words, with maternity pants, with calendars and due dates. Simply immeasurable. Because although we measure a life in, now weeks, soon months, and then years, and even though we measure our own by either years or careers or relationships or homes or…what do we measure by? There is simply no way. It is too vast to put a measuring line to…

Yet despite these ponderings about the depth and breadth of the timespan of our lives, and now, our children’s lives, I have opted to capture a few moments on camera. For what is a girl who is a photographer if she cannot concede to the allure of editing out a moment in life and memorializing it as a keepsake of ourselves? How I devour the images of my grandmother and mother when they were young. And these, I shall pass on to my daughter, so she can get a sense of something of her mother before she was… My friend Kathy came over and snapped a few photos – creative eye that she has – to depict the immeasurable 5 month mark.

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  1. Tammy Mundy permalink
    November 22, 2012 8:08 am

    I am so happy that Kathy shared your blog with me! I’ve read a couple so far and am looking forward to reading the rest. You are truly gifted!

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