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Happy Baby Arrives Soon Day…

March 4, 2013



In light of the fact that our Christmas Photograph was unfashionably late this year, we rolled it over into a few holidays, and realized that the biggest holiday that we had to share with those we love was the impending arrival in our lives… So here, we offer you loved ones, you friends near and far, you friends across oceans and across the street, those with whom we share our heart and with whom we can always share a good meal…we offer you this very late Christmas Card.


Hug in the Cow Field_Happy Baby Arrives Soon Day Announcement


And just for fun, since we never sent them out, the other Christmas photos…


Jason Merry Christmas


merry christmas, chickens!



With these Christmas-New-Year-MLK-Day-Valentine’s Day wishes come our deep love and gratitude for the friends and family in our lives. As we reflect back over the past year, we think of the ways that we are utterly blessed beyond compare by the lives of those we love. And as we look forward to the year ahead, we are ever-grateful for the people and personalities and stories in all of you that will undoubtedly make our coming little girl’s life so rich and full. As we await her arrival, maybe days away, maybe weeks, we are reminded of the fullness in our lives that reflects the fullness in our hearts and the fullness in this womb…

And she comes...



And speaking of setting a table, this can be taken in the most metaphorical and most literal of senses, as we are also rebuilding the soul of our little farmhouse, the kitchen. As the small wimpers and cries of a new life enter these age-old walls, so too will the warmth of a new oven and the glow of renewed wooden floors. We await (and work diligently) towards both!

Much Love,

Harrigan + Jason + Baby


Kitchen under construction

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