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A New Yorker grows in Edinburg

Why am I in Edinburg, Virginia when my roots and my tree top seem to grow in New York City? The answer is found within a love story that has its beginnings in a 6th grade failed romance. Long story short (you have to come visit us on the farm for the long story), Jason “asked me out” as the new girl in town from New England, and the messenger accidentally told him I said yes when I actually said no. My exact words, “No, I still have a boyfriend, Billy Hedger, in Rhode Island,” which of course was a lie…all I ever had with Billy Hedger was a crush and a shared bus seat… So, how does a failed romance at 11 years old lead to this blog about family, food, farming and culture in the Shenandoah Valley? Well, somewhat circuitously, but it stems from years of friendship, four years of long-distance dating throughout college, and the realization that Jason was and always would be, to the core, a farm boy. To marry him and ask him to give that up would only be marrying half a man, or less. So we made a compromise–to live out of the Valley and in the “city” for 5 years so that I could pursue my work and studies (we actually made it six, with a one-year stint in Wyoming). And now begins the time when I “make good” on my promise to move with him back to the Valley–quite a transition, one I am chronicling here.

I am many things, other than a farmer’s wife (although there’s more to that than you’d think!). I am finishing my doctorate in the College Teaching of Art at Teachers College, Columbia University. I have taught graduate introductory photography courses during my doctoral research, served  for three years as a museum educator at the Guggenheim Museum, and am an associate with the Academy for Christian Thought. I am a conesseuir of eating and all things related to food, a photographer, a sustainable-minded farmer’s wife, and hopefully, most of all, a faithful friend, wife, daughter, sister, and servant, in the kitchen, behind the camera, or in front of the class.

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  1. March 27, 2012 8:35 am

    A fabulous story Harrigan! May I add a true joy to be around too.

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